6th Annual PSFF:

22-29 July 2017

CASA DE CULTURA Jaime Lobo e Silva




Submit your film by May 31st and enter the chance to be featured.




Surf Film Best: Las Olas (by Joel Sharpe)

Shorts Best: Beauty & Chaos (by James Skerritt)

Sustainability Best: Skeleton Sea - The Waves of Tomorrow (by Mauritz Brekke Solberg)

Soundtrack Best: Peninsula Mitre (by Joaquin & Julian Azulay)

Audience Award: Dirty Old Wedge (by Arthur Bourbon)

Honorary Mention: Standing on Water (by Peter Alsted)



Awarded Films



Surf Film Best: Fisherman´s Son (by Chris Malloy)

Shorts Best: Three Stones From The Sun (by Sebastien Zanella)

Sustainability Best: Headache (by Felix Gansicke)

Soundtrack Best: Alombre (by Thomas Queyraud)

Audience Award: Ocean Driven (by N. Tarlow, C. Bertish, A. Charles & S. Dewil)


Surf Film Best: North of The Sun (by Inge Wegge & Jorn Ranum)

Shorts Best: Kushaia Igagasi (by Omelga Mthiyane)

Sustainability Best: Killing Waves (by Carlos Carneiro)

Soundtrack Best: Step ´N´Soul (by Toma Jablon)

Audience Award: Isolated (by Justin LePera)

Honorary Mention: Surf in Iran (by Marion Poizeau), Serendipity (by Simon Lamb) & Beyond The Scars (by Chris McClean)


Surf Film Best: The Salt Trail (by Mark Waters)

Shorts Best: Rail to Rail (by Joel Sharpe)

Sustainability Best: Tierra de Patagones (by Gauchos del Mar)

Soundtrack Best: Home Coming (by Natxo Escobar)

Audience Award: The Ripple Effect (by Peter Hamblin)

Honorary Mention: Out in The Line Up (by Ian W. Thomson)


Surf Film Best: Finnsurf (by Aleksi Raij)

Portuguese Best: Doze (by Maria Eça, Miguel Bretiano & Vasco Crespo)

Shorts Best: Modernist Basque Surfing (by Iker Treviño & Xabier Zirikian)

Sustainability Best: Last Paradise (by Clive Neeson)




What is the Save The Waves Film Festival?


The Waves Film Festival is an international film tour and fundraiser in November of each year – a benefit for Save The Waves’ environmental programs and campaigns. Movies alone can’t change the world – but the people who watch them can.  Save The Waves documentary films and the Film Festival educate and inspire audiences to protect the coastline. Films as activism.


Save The Waves Film Festival director Trey Highton travelled in 2016 to Ericeira to co-host the world premier of the 2016 Save The Waves Film Festival program with the Portuguese Surf Film Festival.


“Partnering with the Portuguese Surf Film Festival is a natural progression for Save The Waves as we continue to grow our own Film Festival internationally,” says Trey Highton.  “We have strong allies in the Ericeira and broader Portuguese surf community, as Save The Waves was originally founded in 2001 in an effort to save the waves on the island of Madeira from a poorly planned harbor project.  It is fitting that our first European screening of the Save The Waves Film Festival should be in Portugal.  Yes it is a sign that we are growing, but bringing the festival to Portugal is in many ways coming back to our roots.  We’re coming full circle, and we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership."


For more informations go to www.savethewaves.org



Trey Highton and Henrique Balsemão have joined the Portuguese Surf Film Festival to award the winning films on all our categories: for Best Surf Film, Best Short, Best in Sustainability, Best Soundtrack, Women in Surf Films and Ericeira in Shorts.



Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Trey grew up around Hobie Cats and fishing boats and made frequent surf trips to the islands of the Outer Banks, NC. He followed an unconventional path of studies as an undergraduate that saw him through four universities on both coasts of the United States. This experience only fueled a sense of wanderlust and adventure that remains unabated today. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in ’08 with a degree in Creative Writing, Trey traveled the South Pacific and Central America working as a surf guide to pay his way. These experiences would serve as field studies for his graduate research. Trey is currently pursuing a PhD from University of California Santa Cruz centered on surfing and globalization – examining surfing as an agent of change among developing countries throughout the Pacific and beyond. While pursuing his PhD, Trey is teaching several courses related to the history and culture of surfing. Along with his work as the Film Festival Director for Save The Waves, Trey is also the UCSC Liaison for the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, as well as the founder of the UCSC Sea Slugs.



Henrique is 48 years old and has been living since 1999 in Monte Velho, Carrapateira, in the Algarve. From an early age he felt the power of the ocean’s appeal on Guincho’s beach, where he spent his childhood and started surfing. Since then his mind was focused on searching waves. He went to Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii, for the first time  in 1987. Then he brought back a story for the first issue of SURFPortugal magazine, where he was founding partner and Marketing Director, between 1987 and 1996. From being a special envoy in the North Shore of Hawaii to cover the Triple Crown of Surfing, to hosting and producing skate and surfing TV shows, as well as being a member of ASP on the television advisory board, he has consistently been a true sport devoted: He founded Adrenalina, organizing a Surfing National Championship and a World Championship of Surfing Tour, events in the early 90´s.

He travelled thru Morocco, Azores, Philippines, Bali, New Zealand, Tahiti, Cape Vert, Costa Rica, Mentawaii and Madeira. However, the Costa Vicentina’s attraction was stronger than anything else and he settled down in the region. He was creator and mentor of Centro Monte Velho Eco Retreats, which he manages since 1997, offering holistic retreats and workshops, yoga, mediation, music, shamanism and Chi Kong.

He lives there with his family, wife and three children and surfs every time the waves are good, now with the company of his daughter Concha.


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